Plastic Fantastic – The 10 Creepiest Mannequin’s in Horror

How do you feel about mannequins? Maybe you don’t give them a second thought as you’re browsing your favourite clothes shop, or maybe they are yet another thing that horror movies have ruined for you.

Mannequins get their creepiness because of their uncanniness. They look almost human but not enough for us to feel entirely comfortable around them. And this is probably why they crop up in horror movies so much.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the scariest mannequins from across the genre.

10. Ghostbuters (2016)

The Ghostbusters (1984) movies are great at getting the balance of very creepy ghosts and creatures mixed with comedy just right to ensure you never stop having a good time. In the 2016 reboot, Patty is wise to avoid the “room full of nightmares” in the basement of the Stonebrook Theatre as the team search for some haunted activity. However, one of the nightmarish mannequins silently follows her down the corridor before breaking into a full-blown run when Patty realises it’s there.

After kicking a hole in the door of the room Patty and the other Ghostbusters are hiding in, a quick blast of their proton packs soon reveals a whinged ghost hiding inside.

9. Doctor Who ‘Rose’ (2005)

Doctor Who
The very first episode of the revived sci-fi series Doctor Who saw us get introduced to perhaps the Doctor’s best assistant, Rose. Rose works in a department store in London, where one day the mannequins are brought to life and start chasing Rose through the basement of the building. 

Luckily, she’s rescued by the Doctor, and the two quickly form a strong bond. We soon find out it is not just mannequins that have turned evil, but all plastic is being controlled by the Nestene Consciousness. However, the mannequins are far creepier than the kidnapping wheely bin which snatches Mickey off the street when Rose isn’t looking.

8. I am Legend (2007)

I Am Legend
In a world where you’re the only human left alive, mannequins can seem like a good option for friends. To make New York a less empty place, Robert has dotted mannequins all over the city so he can feel like he’s interacting with people during his daylight visits into the abandoned city.

However, the vampire-like creatures that have taken over the city soon figure out Robert’s ‘friendship’ with the mannequins, and use one to lure him into a trap by moving it from the video store to the middle of a street. When Robert approaches the mannequin, he finds himself snared, barely managing to escape before the sun goes down.

7. Slaxx (2020)


Slaxx tells the story of an overly-trendy clothes store selling an ever-changing range of clothes to young shoppers at a ridiculously high mark-up. Aside from having to deal with horrible customers and even worse management, the staff also have to deal with possessed jeans causing carnage and murdering everyone in sight.

In order to get around a little easier, the jeans pop themselves on a nearby mannequin, allowing them to creep around the back area of the store. The jeans make full use of the mannequin by writing a message on the wall to reveal to the surviving store workers the origin story of this killer clothing item.

6. Maniac (2012)


Maniac follows Frank, a young man who runs his family’s mannequin restoration business after his mother dies. To deal with the trauma of what his mother put him through when she was alive, Frank spends his night murdering women, scalping them, and attaching the scalps to his mannequins. 

It’s hard to talk too much about the ending of this film without spoiling it, but let’s just say the mannequins get a chance at their revenge on Frank when his actions start to spin out of control.

5. I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

I Know What You Did Last Summer

There’s no denying that Helen’s death chase is one of the best and most heartbreaking scenes in the history of slasher movies. There are so many amazing elements to it, including the added spookiness when Helen finds herself being chased through her family’s shop by the Fisherman.

With her sister dead, and the electricity cut, Helen creeps through the store, making her way past several shop mannequins covered in clear plastic. Helen soon realises that one of these things is not like the other, as she spots the Fisherman masquerading as a mannequin. No sooner has she realised what’s happening, the Fisherman throws himself at her, taking her down in a sea of plastic sheeting.

4. The Hills Have Eyes (2006)

The Hills Have Eyes

In the 2006 remake of The Hills Have Eyes, the mutant family live in an abandoned nuclear testing village. So when Doug heads into the hills to rescue his baby daughter, he comes across a nightmare village that’s alright terrifying before he comes across the mutants.

The village is full of half-charred characters, staring at Doug with their all-American smiles despite their bleak situation. Perhaps the creepiest characters are the children aimlessly swinging on the swing set, as Doug passes by in the distance with his dog, Beast.

3. Silent Hill: Revelation (2012)

Silent Hill: Revelation

There are so many monsters lurking in Silent Hill that things can get weird very quickly. And one of the best examples of this is when Heather bumps into the Mannequin Monster in Silent Hill: Revelation. With a giant web like a spider, the Mannequin Monster is made up of the broken parts of several mannequins, scuttling around in search of new victims.

After turning a young woman into a mannequin, the monster rips her head off, before adding it to its own disjointed body and continuing its hunt for Heather.

2. Tourist Trap (1979)

Tourist Trap

There are so many mannequin scenes in Tourist Trap, it’s really hard for me to pick my favourite one. While Mr Slausen is the main villain, his telekinetic powers mean that he can control mannequins, turn people into mannequins, and wear an array of mannequin faces which terrorising his victims. 

Some highlights from Tourist Trap include Becky being attacked by a group of fainting mannequins, the mannequins of Slausen’s Lost Oasis coming to life to kill Becky, and the ending featuring Mr Slausen dancing with his sometimes mannequin but sometimes human wife while Molly freaks out on the floor. Basically, just watch this entire movie and bathe in its mannequin goodness.

1. House of Wax (2005)

House of Wax
House of Wax is similar to Tourist Trap in so many ways, and there’s a whole bunch of amazing mannequin scenes I could have chosen for the number one spot on this list. However, I think my favourite part in the whole film is the reveal that every resident of the town of Ambrose, apart from twins Bo and Vincent, are actually wax models. 

Once Carly figures out Bo is a bad guy, she makes a run for it, heading to the church which she visited earlier and was full of funeral-goers. Carly is desperate for help and hoping for somewhere to hide, she begs for assistance from the funeral attendees. However, she quickly discovers everyone inside the church is wax models, and when she knocks one of their arms off and sees the dried blood and flesh inside, she realises that they’re dead bodies coated in wax!

Which mannequin creeped you out the most? Let me know in the comments below!

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